SING OUT LOUISE Benefit to Be Rescheduled

SING OUT LOUISE Benefit to Be Rescheduled
August 22, 2017 Roger Klorese

From the desk of DAVID-EDWARD HUGHES,
Founder and Producing Artistic Director
Sing Out, Louise! Theatricals

To: The patrons and donor ticket holders and friends of Broadway Maladies-Welcome Home, Old Friends, the Fundraiser and Season Preview Event.

There has been a “shift in the force” at As of today, Monday, August 20, 2017, we are announcing the cancellation of the planned August 26 event at the Francis J. Gaudette Theatre in Issaquah. Due to the “summer effect” on advance ticket sales and the number of donors and artists traveling out of town, the SOLT Board unanimously agreed to reschedule our launch event.

A replacement event is tentatively scheduled for later in 2017; it will feature a smaller (yet still stellar) local cast as well as two Broadway headliners TO BE ANNOUNCED in the very near future.

The Sing Out Louise Theatricals board, including myself, are all so grateful to your spirit of support and service. That is why we love Seattle theatre folk!

Further details as they are solidified.

Paraphrasing our patron “Saint Stephen of Sondheim”: “Here’s to us (and to you our audience)! Who’s like us? Damn few.

David-Edward Hughes

PS: if you have purchased tickets, please contact us by email at or by phone at (425) 610-6407 to let us know if you would like your payment refunded to your credit/debit card or rolled over to the replacement date.


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