Roger B.A. Klorese

Executive Director

Roger has been a musical theatre maniac since he can remember, and probably long before that; he’s pretty sure that seeing OLIVER! on Broadway was the very eighth-birthday gift any boy could ever have received. Earliest movie musicals included THE MUSIC MAN, THE SOUND OF MUSIC (on the big big screen!), and HOW TO SUCCEED… in addition to THE WIZARD OF OZ and the MGM classics. The fact that John Raitt was one of his first crushes should have told him a few things to expect later in life, not the least of which was an enduring love for the musical theatre art form. (Unfortunately, having one of those singing voices more suited to the shower than the stage, his performing career was limited to playing See in PETER PAN at summer camp and the lead in a high school production of Lillian Hellman’s WATCH ON THE RHINE.

After studying film at college, he built a career in product management and marketing at a series of technology companies, and along the way, founded and/or served on the board of several small but influential non-profits: Online Policy Group, an advocate for internet access and the sponsor of a service Roger created, QueerNet, the first LGBTQ+ resource on the Internet; and Prism Comics, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ comics and related projects.

He was also co-producer of the documentaries THE COCKETTES and INSPIRED: VOICES AGAINST PROP 8.

He is also an active reviewer/blogger and long-time supporter of the Seattle theatre community. He is excited to bring his non-profit management skills, technology and business awareness, and love of the theatre to SOLT.

He lives in Seattle with his husband, David Haney, a cellist and composer, and two dogs that are much too smart for their own good.